Why am I here?

Radio 2 has a lot to answer for. Thanks to their recent ‘lean on listeners’ campaign to get every technophobe to flood the cyber world, I felt the need to do more than just use said world to check emails and occasionally update Facebook. So here I am, setting up virtual camp on the grassy knoll of the global community.

More about me – hmm. I’m 28, female and studying full time (hence the domain name ‘mamamooch’). What else is there? Not much.

This blog, or more appropriately, expression of exasperation, whinges, self-congratulation and rare info sharing, is my offering to you, the reader. My hard sell has no doubt won you already. With that in mind… read on. Tell me I’m stupid, great, weird, a genius… whatever. I welcome all thoughts and comments, providing you don’t say I’m stupid or weird.


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