Running is bad for your health! According to the, one Australian jogger will think twice before he ties his sneakers again. David Streigl was out jogging in Canberra when he was set upon by a vicious kangaroo. David was found unconscious and a tad worse for wear. Poor sod!

A Nod to North-East’s Nookie Know-alls. That’s right girls… and boys. Men from the North-East have been voted the best lovers in Britain in a recent poll. Why-ay! (

S’all right Dad, I’ll Drive. Did you hear about this 5 yr old boy who drove his dad’s Mitsubishi Shogun, unsupervised, for nearly four miles, before crashing? No one was hurt – surprisingly. Police were made aware, when onlookers saw the erratic driving and the apparent lack of an actual driver inside the vehicle. Brilliant!

And Finally… World Strongest Man Award Will Not Be Going to China. A very disoriented male ran out in front of a cab in Hefei, Anhui province of Easter China. Once the cab stopped he proceeded to try and lift the car from its bumper, shouting “Give me strength!” without success. When police arrived at the scene, the guy hid under the police vehicle. After refusing to come out he was eventually removed and spoken to by police and medical staff. Oh yeah… The fella did this all while he was completely starkers! (Check out the pics at


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  1. as a man from the north east, I can only agree….running IS bad for your health

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