This Week…

This week… I have been mostly eating Sainsbury’s economy fish fingers.

Not only are they a great source of weird fish parts, they also taste pretty good too. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone on a budget (they’re approximately 70p), or if you’re stuck for time and ideas as to what you should eat.

This is what the box looks like – in case you were wondering. Thurs 25th March 2010

This Week… I have been mostly listening to Radcliffe and Maconie’s radio show (BBC Radio 2).

The two highly chuckle-worthy dj’s not only play decent music (It is their job!), they also have great guests, including Patti Smith, Laura Marling and Noddy ‘the Nodster’ Holder, to name but a very few.

Things to listen out for: The Chain is a brilliant interactive, listener driven feature, where we ‘the listener’ are given the opportunity to call/ text/ email in with the next tenuous link to the previous tune.

You can listen in on Monday – Thursday from 8pm, on Radio 2.

Follow the link on the Blog Roll. Friday 19th March 2010


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